General Foot Pain

General Foot Pain

General foot pain, aching or fatigue after standing or walking during normal day-to-day activity can be due to a wide range of problems.  As Kiwi’s we are an active nation and foot pain or discomfort is common.

The cause of foot pain could be from muscular overuse, poor circulation or disruption of normal nerve function, poor biomechanics/posture, footwear, or from standing for long periods on poor working surfaces.

Footlogics provide a first “step” in pain relieve.  Low cost and often enough to provide comfort and support for people who are on their feet all day.

Footlogics don’t replace a diagnosis and treatment plan from a registered health professional, but we do help 1000’s of Kiwi’s with general foot pain who just need some good cushioning and support.

We often refer people to see a Podiatrist is their foot pain is not resolved using our Footlogics.  Foot Mechanics Podiatry have clinics covering most of New Zealand and are a good place to go if you need diagnosis and further help with your foot pain.

Foot pain caused by muscle overuse, fatigue and poor shock absorption can often be easily relieved with comfortable, well-fitting footwear and the Footlogics Comfort orthotic. 

Footlogics orthotics can help relieve symptoms of aching feet and legs.

Footlogics support the structures of the foot to encourage optimal function and even pressure distribution under your feet.

If pain or discomfort persists we recommend a visit to a podiatrist or medical professional.

General foot pain standing all day on feet

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