Are my feet pronated or flat?

Posted on May 24, 2014 by John Miller BHSc(Podiatry) - Podiatrist

Pronated feet often look flat, but not all flat feet are pronated.

I know, it sounds confusing! The difference is important though and a Podiatrist will be able to help you diagnosis the difference.

Flat feet are usually not a problem; it’s the pronated feet that need help.

Our website gives some practical advice to help you distinguishing between the two. If you have pronated feet wearing a Footlogics orthotic suitable for what you do may help reduce pain and discomfort.

To see a Podiatrist and get an exact diagnosis - give our friends at Foot Mechanics Podiatry a call. They have clinics across the North Island and highly trained staff. Otherwise a great first step would be to try the Footlogics Comfort for general day-today wear or the Footlogics Sport if you’re playing sports.

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Orthopaedic surgeon calls a study on flat feet and lower back pain "impressive".

Posted on December 25, 2013 by John Miller BHSc(Podiatry) - Podiatrist

A study which involved 1930 people found that those with pronated feet were also the people with higher incidences of lower back pain. These findings suggest that pronated foot function may contribute to low back symptoms. Interventions that modify foot function, such as orthotics, may therefore have an important role in the prevention and treatment of low back pain.

To read more about this study here are two links. The Reuters link is an article based on an interview with the researchers and others. The Rheumatology link is the actual study for those who are keen to read a little deeper.

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