Morton's Neuroma

Mortons Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma (pain in the ball of the foot)

Morton's Neuroma is the 'squeezing' of the nerves between the metatarsal bones (often the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bones). Morton's Neuroma is very similar to Metatarsalgia, but in addition displays symptoms like numbness and a tingling sensation in the toes. It may also be quite painful at times.

A Neuroma is a benign tumor of a nerve. Morton's Neuroma is not actually a tumor, but a thickening or swelling of the tissue that surrounds the digital nerve leading to the toes.

Morton's Neuroma treatment solutions and relief

For normal flat shoes we recommend Footlogics Comfort which features an in-built metatarsal support.

For woman when wearing ladies' fashion shoes and high heels, Footlogics Catwalk can help reduce the symptoms of Morton's Neuroma. These orthotic insoles supports the forefoot and prevents the metatarsals from dropping. In turn, this helps reduce the squeezing of the nerve and consequent tingling and pain associated with Morton's Neuroma.

To consult a health professional about Morton's Neuroma we recommend Foot Mechanics Podiatry.


Recommended products for Morton's Neuroma

Footlogics - Casual


Space saving orthotics to provide foot comfort.  The Footlogics Casual is a 3/4 length orthotic developed by Podiatrists.  It provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and other common foot complaints.  The Casual fits in all types of flat or low-heeled slip-on shoes without laces.  More about Footlogics Casual here.


Footlogics - Comfort

Footlogics Comfort Orthotic 

Orthotics designed to provide foot comfort while standing or walking on your feet all day.  The Footlogics Comfort is a full-length orthotic developed by Podiatrists.  The Comfort provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Ball of Foot pain, and other common foot complaints.  It fits in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers and also suitable for work boots.  More about Footlogics Comfort here.


Footlogics - Sports


Orthotics to provides relief for sports injuries.  Footlogics Sports are high quality full-length sports orthotics developed by Podiatrists.  The Sports provides relief for sports injuries like Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and Runner’s knee.  It corrects overpronation, fallen arches and flat feet.  The Footlogics Sport is designed to fit in running and walking shoes, cross-trainers, tennis and basketball shoes. It is also suitable for hiking shoes and boots.  More about Footlogics Sports here.

Footlogics Catwalk


Orthotics for fashion shoes.  Footlogics Catwalk orthotics are 3/4-length soft and flexible.  Developed by Podiatrists, they distribute body weight evenly over the entire foot.  The Catwalk reduces friction and pressure on the ball of the foot. The slim and thin design means the Catwalk is almost invisible in fashion shoes and even in sandals.  More about Footlogics Catwalk here.