Tired Aching Legs

Tired, aching legs are very common, mostly in females and also in elderly people.

Typically, people suffer from a consistent dull ache at the back of of lower leg. Often behind the knee or in the calf muscles. Aching legs are most prominent after standing for long periods of time. Women wearing high heels often complain about tired, aching legs.

Tired Aching Legs

What causes of aching legs?

The most common cause of aching legs is poor blood circulation in the leg arteries. This produces an aching, tired, and sometimes burning pain in the legs. A secondary cause of leg pain is strain and stretching of the calf muscles as a result of poor foot function.

As the feet roll inwards (overpronation) the legs rotate internally, placing stress on the muscles at the back the legs. Standing for long periods of time will make this condition worse.  Wearing high heeled shoes can also contribute to tired, aching legs.



Treatment and relief for tired, aching legs

Footlogics orthotics control excess pronation of the feet. As a result this will decrease internal rotation of the legs and the stretching on the leg muscles, thereby reducing tired, aching legs when you stand and walk.

Other treatment options for tired, aching legs include:

  • Applying an ice pack to the calves for approximately 5-10 minutes


Recommended products for tired aching legs

Footlogics - Casual


Space saving orthotics to provide foot comfort.  The Footlogics Casual is a 3/4 length orthotic developed by Podiatrists.  It provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and other common foot complaints.  The Casual fits in all types of flat or low-heeled slip-on shoes without laces.  More about Footlogics Casual here.


Footlogics - Comfort

Footlogics Comfort Orthotic 

Orthotics designed to provide foot comfort while standing or walking on your feet all day.  The Footlogics Comfort is a full-length orthotic developed by Podiatrists.  The Comfort provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Ball of Foot pain, and other common foot complaints.  It fits in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers and also suitable for work boots.  More about Footlogics Comfort here.


Footlogics - Sports


Orthotics to provides relief for sports injuries.  Footlogics Sports are high quality full-length sports orthotics developed by Podiatrists.  The Sports provides relief for sports injuries like Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and Runner’s knee.  It corrects overpronation, fallen arches and flat feet.  The Footlogics Sport is designed to fit in running and walking shoes, cross-trainers, tennis and basketball shoes. It is also suitable for hiking shoes and boots.  More about Footlogics Sports here.


Footlogics Sensi


Orthotics for people with Diabetes, Arthritis and sensitive feet.  The Footlogics Sensi is a full-length soft orthotic developed by Podiatrists.  The Sensi is suitable for people with Diabetes, Arthritis or Sensitive Feet.  It is also suitable for people who prefer a gentle arch support instead of firm support.  More about Footlogics Sensi here.